Campaign Funding: Legal to Illegal

By Aida Zekic It is not easy to be involved in party politics these days. Around the world, party membership has steadily been decreasing for decades, and according to the latest World Values Survey, the world population trusts political parties less than any other public institution. At the same time,…

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The Dayton Agreement

By Aida Zekić Do peace deals have expiration dates? De jure, they do not. Ever since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, peace agreements do not only settle the conflict in question; they also establish the principles which define international justice for many years to come. De facto, however, certain…

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Rehab in Cuba


By Aida Zekić Photography by David Mas Never was I so aware of my vices until I spent two months in Cuba, the haven of supply shortages. Havana is probably one of the few capitals where it is nearly impossible to maintain any kind of addiction, unless it includes extensive…

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What’s In a Genocide Verdict?


On Holy Thursday, the seven years long prosecution against Bosnian-Serb war criminal Radovan Karadžić reached its end. As former leader of Republika Srpska – the Serb-dominated territory within Bosnia and Herzegovina – Karadžić was recognized as the mastermind behind many of the exceptional brutalities that characterized the 1992-95 war.   …

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