The Editorial Team

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Editorial Team

Web Editor
Melinda Nilsson

Melinda is a small town girl and pol sci student with a love for travel, TV and dogs. Always looking for new adventures, and can always find time to laugh about her own existential dread. Peanut butter is basically the love of her life.


Editor in Chief
Tove Henriksson

Tove is studying for her master’s in social and economic geography. Matters close to her heart are development issues and the unequal distribution of wealth as well as hiking the Swedish nature, books and knitting mittens for her friends.



Editor in Chief
Rut Berling

Rut is a soon to be 20-year-old who studies political science and whose passion lies within questions concerning (gender) equality. Loves: dancing, yoghurt, alliterations and her friends.



Head of Layout
Holly Marriott Webb

Holly is studying for a master’s in global environmental history. Coming from rural England, she loves nothing better than getting outdoors for a long walk. Spends her spare time reading philosophy, playing trumpet and inventing in the kitchen.

Oona Buttafoco

Oona is a Euroculture masters student with a background in Philosophy and Politics. With a mixed French/Italian/British upbringing, her main interests revolve around European and Middle-Eastern politics, languages, human rights, immigration policy and food safety

Vice Web Editor
Nathalie Larsson

Nathalie is as international as they come and spends her university years studying peace, conflict and languages – the recipe for making change in the world (according to her). Classical art, cats, couture and cities occupy equal space in her heart.


Fouad El Gohary

Fox is studying renewable electricity production. He dislikes astrology, techno and poetry. In his free time he doesn’t really do arts and crafts, play any sports or watch movies. He thinks smoked paprika is underrated, Justin Trudeau overrated.


Abbie Winfield

Abbie is a student on the run from Brexit, trying to figure out world politics along the way. Her friends are what she values most in life, though she can become easily distracted by modern art, red wine, puns and post cards.



President in Uppsala Association of International Affairs
Niclas Hvalgren

Niclas is proud to be heading the most influential student organisation for international affairs in the country – and he gets to publish Uppsala’s best magazine to boot! Not a bad deal. When he’s not engrossed in current international issues he can be found studying late for yet another economics    exam that somehow ended up at the bottom of the—————————————————————- priority list…