The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is here to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to get involved. We are always looking for new writers and contributors!

Editorial Team

Web Editor-in-Chief
Joakim Ydebäck

Joakim is studying at the Peace and Development Program at Uppsala University. After that, his goal is to somehow make the world just a little bit better. If he were to be offered the position of foreign minister, he would not say no. His four main interests include talk radio, international opinion polls, political crises and somber jazz music.

Karin Kristensson

Karin is a political science student with a passion for literature. In Uttryck, she likes to explore the topics of refugee and LGBT+ rights. Her days off are best spent (winning at) playing Trivial Pursuit, petting every cat she meets, and sleeping late in the morning.

Rebecca Mariana Bengtsson

Rebecca is aiming for a bachelor’s degree in development studies and hopes to work in and around Asia in the future. Few things make her as happy as the ocean, great writing and people who are passionate about their interests. Time well spent is time spent cooking, in conversation or learning something new, and even though she loves exploring, Norway will always be her bias.

Web Editor
Aishwarya Siva

Aishwarya is currently working on her master’s in biology. When she is not languishing in the depths of BMC, she’s catching a beer with friends, trying to salvage pictures from her century old phone or making references to New Girl that no one knows. She wants to use her opinionated disposition and penchant for writing to work at the intersection of science and policy.

Charlotte Renström

Charlotte is currently studying for a master’s degree in Political Science. She finds European politics incredibly intriguing, but is just as fascinated by the power of language. While trying to figure out the most efficient way to combine the two, you would most likely find her listening to 60’s, 70’s or 80’s music on her way to a theatre somewhere in a European capital.

Jakob Schabus

Jakob studies the Master’s Program in Peace and Conflict Studies. He is passionate about many topics closely related to the United Nations such as peace operations, food security and sustainability. For Jakob, a perfect (but admittedly long) day would include a lot of coffee, a hike, swimming in the sea, a jam session, cooking and a First Aid Kit as well as a Fleet Foxes concert.

Layout Editor
Therese Lager

Therése just finished up her bachelor’s degree in political science and is now dedicating a year to studying graphic design and illustration. She spends most nights painting in her tiny apartment, hoping to be able to use art and design as a way to get people talking about politics. In her spare time you’ll find her reading, reheating leftover soup or having passionate discussions about current affairs.

Layout Editor
Louise Näfverstam

Louise studies law with the ambition to survive the remaining five semesters and thereafter work with sustainability issues. Her obsessions include, but are not limited to, the prosperity of her plants, cute dogs, coffee and podcast documentaries. With a passion for the written word and cheesy love stories, she hasn’t quite given up the dream of becoming a bestselling author.


President, Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs
Johan Bergman

Johan is a political science student majoring in economics. When he’s not devouring the latest news from the United States or tries to be prepared for an upcoming exam, he occasionally binges New Girl and follows yet another instagram dog. Johan has always been a fierce advocate of free speech and will bring that into the role as publisher: “The Uttryck Magazine is all about highlighting different perspectives, arguing for your opinion and challenging preconceptions. Being the publisher of a magazine promoting these values will be an honor.”