The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is here to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to get involved. We are always looking for new writers and contributors!

Editorial Team


Web Editor-in-Chief
Lovis Lindquist

Lovis is currently doing her second year at the Bachelor’s Programme in Peace and Development Studies. She is always on the hunt for fun facts and can often be found with her nose in a book, fiction as well as nonfiction. When it comes to foreign affairs she is particularly interested in the Arctic region, security issues and geopolitics. 


Web Editor-in-Chief
Gabriele Scalise                                                                     

Gabriele studies at the Master’s in Digital Media and Society and loves connecting the paradoxes of online culture. He roams Cyberpunk labyrinths, the Italian Alps and Existential philosophy, in search of opportunity where there lies ambiguity. He’s always up for a good Florentine steak.

Amelie Lutz

Amelie is currently in the last year of her Master’s degree in Political Science. She is passionate about topics concerning protest, climate change and documentaries about octopi. She has a massive addiction to black tea and is unable to walk away from an opened package of chocolate. Spends most of her time reading, hiking or drawing.


David Hagman

David has a background in political science, languages, and linguistics, and is particularly interested in the culture, politics, and history of the Middle East. He enjoys reading everything from pop-science to 13th century Sufi poetry. At the moment he studies journalism but doesn’t roast anything except his own coffee.



President, Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs
Kasper Rose

Kasper is currently studying his last year of a Bachelor’s in History and Political Science. His main interests are colonialism, security politics and democratization. Kasper spends most of his spare time in the forest with either hiking boots, running shoes or bicycle.