The Editorial Team

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Editorial Team

Web Editor
Beatrice Chamberlain

When she’s not editing, Beatrice spends her time studying political science and drinking a lot of coffee. She thinks that personality tests are overrated and that pasta with pesto is underrated. Travelling is her passion and she can always be distracted into talking about places to go. Other things that make her happy are her family, bookshops and cats.


Editor in Chief
Marina Skovgaard Dokken

Marina is a student at the Psychology Programme, and quite bad at sticking to a single field of study. She loves books, cold weather, tattoos and disappearing into the wilderness. Matters close to her heart are LGBT+ rights, indigenous rights and nature conservation. She thinks that intersectionality and human rights are the bee’s knees.


Editor in Chief
Magnus Lundström

Magnus is, apart from editor-in-chief for Uttryck, a master student at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and consuming large quantities of coffee. He is also a big enthusiast of trekking in the Swedish mountains. Major interests are East Asia, international politics, foreign policy and sauna bathing.


Head of Layout
Sedef Hammarén Catir

Sedef is taking Oriental studies focusing on Turkic languages and political science, besides that she works part time in retail. She enjoys sitcom-marathons, bowls of vegan friendly Ramen and spending time with the husband Herman and the oldie but goldie cat Rita. As a travel-lover, she dreams that road trips with electric cars will become popular and cheap.


Vice Web Editor
Lisa Svenhard

Lisa is studying Peace & Conflict. With a soft spot for bad puns, Lisa will encourage any jokes in your upcoming articles. However, she is dead serious about her passion for yoga, travelling and international politics. She’s also way too emotional about her love for Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift. Her best idea for a gift is a big basket of hummus and avocados.


Sophie Mainz

Sophie is a postgraduate student in political science. She’s dedicated to topics such as migration, human and animal rights, and keeps moving around the world herself. If you feel like having a lengthy conversation, go talk to her about rock climbing, yoga or meditation, and voilà, your evening plans are set.


Karin Kristensson

Karin studies political science with a hope of somehow being able to use that degree to fulfill her dream of writing for a living. She’s a literature lover, has two book related tattoos, and her beverage of choice is (almost) always red wine. In her spare time she enjoys playing Trivial Pursuit, petting every cat she meets and sleeping late in the morning.



President, Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs
Maia Bishop

She’s not sure how it happened, but Maia is thrilled to be President of The Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs – which involves the privilege of publishing Uttryck Magazine. When she’s not studying law, Maia enjoys cities with good public transportation, convincing people to visit Boston and trying to improve her limited abilities in French.