Twenty years since the invasion in Iraq: why were the weapons inspectors ignored?


Twenty years ago today, the United States and its allies disregarded the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) expert weapons inspection team and went ahead with a military invasion of Iraq. Uttryck meets with Robert E. Kelley, former Deputy for Analysis of the IAEA Action Team, virtually from…

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Democratic Backsliding in Poland: The Effect of Social Media and Future Prospects for Polish Rule of Law


Since 2015, PiS has cracked down on the independence of various media outlets and Polish courts by appointing its political allies in leading positions. Starting with the media – for several years, the PiS-led government has consolidated its control over public broadcasting by installing its political allies in the National…

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The Blind Spots of Democracy 


We live in times where democratic values are heavily tested. According to Freedom House, democracy has been in decline globally since 2005, and the pandemic of Covid-19 only exacerbated this trend. Even previous bastions of democracy, such as France and the United States, could be seen to heavily infringe constitutional…

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