Italians Mad at Food


by Lapo Lappin Recently I was sucked into a WhatsApp group chat called ”The Italians” – a safe haven for Erasmus students far from the peninsula. The thumbnail for this group was a ”Hawaii pizza”, the chunks of pineapple clearly visible in the foreground. As soon as the group was…

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Cities of Words


By Lapo Lappin It is a common cliché, first quipped by Alfred North Whitehead, that Western philosophy is a series of ”footnotes to Plato”. This is, of course, entirely true. But it is perhaps not as precise as could be desired. Not only is Western philosophy footnotes to Plato –…

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Naked Life

By Lapo Lappin I write these lines while balancing on the edge of the European Union, a rapidly expiring Italian passport waterlogged on my desk. Time, seemingly, ticks on. The world, frozen inside a virological enchantment, seemingly does not.  And for the first time in my life, I feel a…

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