Exploring EU Strategic Autonomy: A New Approach for a World of Uncertainty


By Quentin Machado PRESIDENT MACRON HAS ALWAYS championed the European Union’s independence. Personally convinced of a world order founded on multilateralism and the “Strategic Autonomy” of the Old Continent relying on increased capabilities, the first diplomat of France travelled restlessly around the globe to promote his standpoint on all occasions,…

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Staying with the Trouble: Reproductive Choices in an Age of Environmental Uncertainty 


By Stefano Cisternino IN A WORLD WHERE environmental and societal challenges are increasingly interwoven, the decision to have children is no longer a simple personal choice but a complex ethical quandary. Societal norms around reproduction are diverse and often contradictory. While some cultural pressures push couples towards parenthood, perhaps before…

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The Impact of an AI-driven Court: Advantages, Disadvantages, and What it Means for Society


The recent launch of ChatGPT has sparked renewed debates on the intersection of AI, society, and regulations. As AI increasingly becomes an integral part of our daily lives through technologies like automated vehicles, facial recognition, and smart assistants, discussions about AI’s role in society and its boundaries have shifted from…

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