When We Stop

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By Robert Andersson

In valley of excitement filled,
On the path, you are thrilled
Toward the steep rise, glacier top,
Until finished, never stop

Sun is blazing on the hill,
Looking down, but up you will
The view is better from the sky,
No time to rest, move on, good bye

On wall of stone, you hold on tight,
Wind is daunting, full of might
One step more and you stand on ice,
Two steps more, you have the price

Look upon the tiny world,
You made it up, from where you hurled
Enjoy a minute, your journey rough,
Feel important, mighty, tough

But when the ice-cold wind delivers,
When exhaustion gives you shivers
And when your mind begins its travels,
In your heart, your home unravels

Begin the journey down below,
Think of the window, cosy glow
Return to valley of excitement full,
Behind you rests the mountain dull

Meet welcome sight of lonesome house,
On doorstep waves your lovely spouse
Hear the children’s play and laugh,
Have a kiss, a hug, a bath

Look upon your family,
You made it back, serenity
Take a moment, to couch enticed,
Feel beloved, enriched and priced

But when you stop and try to feel,
The future will the moment steal
Soon again you play the dice,
You seek another paradise

By Robert Andersson

Illustration: Angelica Halvarsson

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