When We Act

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By Robert Andersson

“I was thinking”,
We repeatedly say, 
When we discuss, 
The headlines of today
Our objectivity rhymes,
Well with the notion,
That we weren’t around
When the powers gained motion

While we discuss,
And try to find
Economic causation
Our forests are burning,
Species are lost
Our planet turns grey
Our nature is tossed

We ought to protect,
Our politicians state
Some from the Hunger,
And others from Hate
Still people are dying,
Today and tomorrow
We could have prevented,
Their suffer and sorrow

Have we discussed,
All the matters for ages
From Aristotle,
To the bending of spaces
Simply for knowledge,
Never to change us
To build higher towers
To one day replace us

All these words,
That we’ve made history
Have led us nowhere,
But closer to destiny
So, when we have discussed,
And agreed on conclusion
Let’s go out and make noise
Let’s break the illusion

For “I was thinking”,
We repeatedly say
When we are angry,
Upon the matters of today
Our talking reflects,
A deep-down devotion
Now let us act,
We’re the power of motion

By Robert Andersson

Illustration: Marianna

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