Uttryck Article Competition

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Uttryck is proud to announce this year’s article competition!
With the prompt “What is the biggest challenge we will face in 2018?” we ask you to use your imagination, get your ideas on paper and write an inspiring piece predicting the future. This can be in any category, as long as it relates to foreign affairs, and creativity is rewarded!
Are you up to the challenge?
The rules are simple: write a maximum of 800 words in either English or Swedish (if you write in English please refrain from using contractions). Make it an article you would be proud of having published online. Send your finished article to webbredaktionen@ufuppsala.se by December 29th at the latest.
You must also be a member of UF (if you are not, contact us and we will make it happen)!
After the deadline, three (yes, three!) winners will be selected by a jury consisting of Uttryck editors and our president to attend a star-studded dinner with established authors and journalists from around the country. This will be the chance for you as an aspiring writer to ask questions, take part in lively discussions, make wonderful connections and perhaps get you started on your journey to become an established writer yourself.
If you do not make it into the top three, do not fret! Your article will, upon request, be published on the website for everyone to read.
We are looking forward to reading every single one of your articles. Good luck!
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