Call for contributors: writers

As we entered the new decade in 2020 very few of us could possibly have expected that we would one year later find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. Now, with the hopes of a post-pandemic life set somewhere on the horizon, we look towards a future which might appear less certain than it did before. We therefore thought that now is the perfect time to take a look into the crystal ball of future possibilities and reflect on what the rest of the 21st century might have in store for the world. 

So, for the next issue of Uttryck Magazine we want YOU to write about the theme UTOPIA: What would a truly desirable future society look like? What does it mean for a society to be “good”? Can something be universally positive? Do we need a notion of an ideal to guide us towards the betterment of society? Or is the idea of utopia inherently a naive and divisive pipe dream? We hope that this theme will evoke important questions about what the concept of utopia means to our culture, about which direction(s) the world is heading in, and what we can hope to experience in our lifetimes. 

What we want to know from your pitch:

  • What is your text about? Provide a short summary!
  • What type of text are you writing? Are you writing an article, interview, opinion-piece, etc?
  • How long will your text be? (Preferably around 500 words or between 800-1000 words.)
  • Which sources will you be using?
  • How is your text related to the theme and to foreign affairs?

What if I don’t know how to answer all of these questions yet? Don’t worry! Send us what you have come up with so far, and we’ll help you. 

Send in your idea pitch no later than the 31st of January to! We are very excited to hear your ideas and to work together on the upcoming issue!

//The Editorial Team