Theme release: SEX!

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Idea deadline: Sunday March 29th

When we came up with the SEX theme and started discussing possible article topics we realized how important it is in human life and society. Having fun, making babies, creating identities, instituting power and waging war – sex saturates everything. In this issue we want you to investigate how sex and sexuality is presented and used to both control and to liberate. Why is sexual violence such a powerful weapon of war? What happens when girls are aborted in favour of boys? Should we stop having babies to save the environment? How can we improve the reach  and the scope of sex education? Will technology change the way we have sex in the future?

If you have an idea for an article which connects sex to politics or our globalised world, send a pitch to before March 29th. The articles can be written in either Swedish or English, and be shorter (around 500 words) or longer (between 800 and 1000 words). Every genre is welcome! 

Your pitch should contain:

  • A short summary of what your article will be about!
  • What type of article will it be? Are you for example arguing for a personal point-of-view, or will you base your text in factual sources? Is it a work of fiction or nonfiction? 
  • How will you get the information you need to write the article? Which sources will you use? 
  • How is your article related to the theme sex and to foreign affairs?

(Don’t have answers to all these questions yet? Don’t worry, send us what you have and we’ll help you!)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

/The Editorial Team

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