Call for contributors: Writers

For the upcoming issue of Uttryck we are looking for writers to engage with a topic that any human being, or living organism for that matter, will be closely familiar with: FOOD!

Is there anything more universally relevant and essential to life than food? Food fuels our bodies, and thus, it fuels society. Our need to eat and drink generates the driving force behind the modern food industry, which in turn has a massive impact on the global economy, health, human development, and the environment – making food (and food production) a constantly debated and politically important issue. 

How can future food security be ensured? What role does politics play in affecting our eating habits, and in turn, how do our eating habits affect our politics? What does sustainable agriculture and fishery look like? How does our relationship to food affect our physical and mental health? What consequences do current consumption habits have for the environment and human development? These are only a few examples of the questions that could be explored in the next issue of Uttryck.

What we want to know from your pitch:

  • What is your text going to be about? Provide a short summary!
  • What type of text are you writing? Are you writing an article, interview, opinion-piece, etc?
  • How long will your text be? (Preferably between 500 to 1000 words)
  • Which sources will you be using?
  • How is your text related to the theme and to foreign affairs?

If you don’t have an answer to all of these questions, don’t worry! Send us what you have come up with so far and we’ll help you. 

Send in your idea pitch no later than the 17th of April to! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and get to work together on this final issue of the operational year!

//The Editorial Team