Notopia Part 2 – The Contemporary City


By Fredrik Thorslund This article is the second in a three-part series exploring the notion of utopia, the human search for a perfect society – and specifically – those who have tried and failed to establish them. You can read the first article of the series here. In Ayn Rand’s…

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First Come, First Served

By Fredrik Thorslund “Next to shooting indigenous peoples, the surest way to kill us is to separate us from our part of the Earth.” – Hayden Burgess, Hawaiian attorney and activist   They started appearing by the end of October last year – at first, sporadically, ominously, like gray hairs…

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Konsten att straffa en knarkare

By Fredrik Thorslund Ett halvsekel med den svenska narkotikastrafflagen 1968 – ett år efter det att Jimi Hendrix slagit igenom med gräsrökarhymnen “Purple Haze” och Beatles släppt den suggestiva psykrocksballaden “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – träder den första svenska narkotikastrafflagen i kraft. Under 1960-talet har narkotikamissbruk för första…

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