By Robert Andersson

Under the branches the leaves abide
By the rippling stream upon the side
Fir and pine cast shadows long,
You’re lost in the woods and seek where you belong
An arrows mark on shivering skin,
A beating heart deep within
Eager and afraid your head spins around,
A blink of the eye and you are found

A cottage on the countryside, 
With lakes and meadows far and wide
Twittering songs from everywhere,
Chamomile and bluebell floating through the air
Lie down in the grass and feel,
The moisture of an apple peel
Upon your lips and settle with ease,
Be fulfilled with summer's breeze

Up and down in the thunder and light,
Left and right in the waves of a sight
You’re tossed around in the roaring sea,
The whirlpools are freighting but you are free
In the darkness of night, the world seems to boil,
In the twinkling sky you see Les Étoiles
One moment left until you fly away,
This is not how you should behave

Stumbling through the blowing clouds,
You’re stretching for the top of heights 
No grass, no tree, no higher hill,
Up here you can reach your windowsill
With heavy breath and a break of sweat,
Adrenaline pumps and your needs are met
The sun and rain and years of prep,
All was worth the final step

Illustration: Paulina Cederskär

Robert Andersson is a romanticist that have spent three days climbing the Alps to find a flower that turned out to be ugly. He returned from his adventure to study Peace and Conflict combined with History. He has three dreams: to contribute something positive to society, to feel the real wild nature and to end up in a little farm cottage, writing poems to whoever needs a little fairytale.  

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