La Vita È Bella

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By Robert Andersson

Wake up and dry your tear, 

This is just another day

Your success is near, 

You will have to stay,

This way

Get your neat clothes on,

Let your cute smile shine

They say you are strong,

As you approach the line,

This is fine

At the dinner feeling holes,

Every time this is the same

You should be happy with your goals,

You will soon touch the fame,

Or shame

You must make the right choice,

And never collapse

And yet you can hear the noise,

Of waves at relapse,

Leave the maps

Here’s that desire for a curtain,

The go away and hide

It makes you long for the uncertain,

To do everything wild,

Be a child

In your dreams you get out,

You run and climb a tree

Let it go and give a shout,

Jump right into the sea,

You are free

You must do it and you do it,

Leave security behind

Catch the dream and make it lit,

A new soul you will find,

Free your mind

Now you live it like a dance,

Everything is a delight

You have taken your life’s’ chance,

You can see the other sight,

This is right

Live in the moment,

Everyone said

This must be what they meant,

But they are still dead,

Crying in their bed

So wake them up by a capella,

This is the other day

Sing for la vita è bella,

You don’t have to stay,

The old way

Illustration: Emilia Velazquez

Robert Andersson is a romanticist that have spent three days climbing the Alps to find a flower that turned out to be ugly. He returned from his adventure to study Peace and Conflict combined with History. He has three dreams: to contribute something positive to society, to feel the real wild nature and to end up in a little farm cottage, writing poems to whoever needs a little fairytale. 

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