Ecstacy in the UK


The demand for certain illegal drugs raises a relatively obvious question: why spend money on something that could kill you? The recent case of high-dose ecstasy pills in the UK can be used to answer this question. The UK example reveals that issues of culture and information are key to…

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What’s In a Genocide Verdict?


On Holy Thursday, the seven years long prosecution against Bosnian-Serb war criminal Radovan Karadžić reached its end. As former leader of Republika Srpska – the Serb-dominated territory within Bosnia and Herzegovina – Karadžić was recognized as the mastermind behind many of the exceptional brutalities that characterized the 1992-95 war.   …

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Maria Gardfjell on the Climate Change Meeting in Paris


As world leaders meet in Paris to battle climate change, municipalities still play a crucial role, according to Maria Gardfjell, the Green Party’s first Vice-President in Uppsala. Uttryck sat down with Gardfjell to talk about the Conference and the importance of local solutions. By Marie Zafimehy Uttryck: On October 30th, the United Nations…

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